Leftist hate speech

Comments are enabled on all my blogs so almost every day I get a comment from a Leftist on one or another of them. I often think I should pass them for publication just to show what the Leftist minds out there are like but anger and abuse are so uninteresting that I always just delete them. Anger and abuse seems to be the limit of the talents of Leftist commenters.

The abuse can be amusing at times though. I am, for instance, often accused of being a Christian bigot. Seeing that I am an atheist, the lack of insight in such comments is remarkable.

Sometimes I am told that I am just an old man who cannot keep up with the modern world and resist change for that reason. I am now 66 but have been a conservative since my early teens so that is a bad guess too.

And it is amazing the number of organizations that I am "in the pay" of. That I am just a retired academic sitting in front of my computer in an upstairs room in a backstreet of a city that most people have never heard of doesn't seem to be envisaged. The last organization I was "in the pay" of was the University of New South Wales in Sydney in 1983, at which time I retired from academic employment. After that I just developed my business interests -- with a degree of success that would enrage leftists even more if they knew about it.

And, of course, the antisemites are often out, accusing me of being a dupe of the Jews etc. Since I have written at great length about Jews -- not all of it complimentary (See the sidebar of DISSECTING LEFTISM) -- and also about the history, psychology and sociology of antisemitism, I think I am at least not a "dupe". I read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in my teens and even then thought they were rather bizarre. Yet "The Protocols" are the Bible of antisemites (hugely popular in the Middle East) and I am often told that I should read them.

And so it goes. What I have listed is just a tiny sample of the hate-filled comments that I receive. Hate is really what the Left is about. Other conservative bloggers also occasionally mention the unreasoning hate they get from Leftists. Michelle Malkin seems to get it in spades.

That people who are so brimming over with hate are always alert to find something in conservatives that they can characterize as hate is, I suppose, understandable. It deflects attention from what they are.

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  1. It certainly is amusing to watch them flailing about frantically, all because they can't stand anyone who won't think like them. But they're the bastion of tolerance and respect you know. lol

  2. It is unfortunate but leftist, liberal world view dominates the Occident. Because of this it is easy for someone to just parrot propaganda fed to them in the mainstream media. Anything contrary to it is regarded as anachronistic because they are 'evolved' above all that.

  3. Anger and abuse is just one of the tools in their shed. Facts and logic can't help them so they have to shut down the other person's argument with some other means.

  4. AR...MK must then surely be the least sharpened tool in the leftist Shed....He's Anger personified...What's he doing in the Right side ? A double agent, or a double adapter perhaps.

  5. If he's the least sharpened then surely that means he's the least angry. Make up your mind.

    And there is a difference between the controlled anger of the right and the hysterical ranting we get from the panty-wetting left.

  6. Spot on, ar. MK's recent hysterical, childish carrying-on about gays is just "controlled anger".

  7. Yeah anonymouse, it's really hysterical, the carrying on from the gayboys that is.


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