Leftist brain fart brings yet another tax

Daily Telegraph - THE State Government has told long-suffering commuters in Sydney's northwest they will have to wait 14 years and re-elect Labor twice if they want to get a train line. And a plan to deliver new express rail services to the Western Suburbs has no completion date at all. On top of this comes a new car registration levy that will force motorists to pay up to $30 a year more to partly fund the new pie-in-the-sky plans. The tax, to bring in $500 million over 10 years, will penalise those who do not own small cars with vehicles over 975kg costing between $5 and $30 a year more, depending on the car's weight, from July.
I was having a look at my car rego papers and from a total of $245, $193 of that is tax, only $52 of it is actually put towards registration. If these thieving vermin had a skerrick of honesty or integrity, they'd rename the car registration to car tax and be done with it because that's what it really is. So now the current leftist scumbag running this state further into the toilet is proposing more crap, to be paid for by us car owners.

Well that's just bloody great, I and many others have to cough up even more money than we do to fund filthy, late piece of shit buses and trains that we have no intention of using. As it is we have to put up with grid-lock from dawn to dusk, cameras everywhere, fucked up traffic light timing, irritating lyrca-clad assholes on push bikes and they expect us to just cough up again with a smile. To make matters worse, there is no undertaking that any of the money that they'll steal from us will be returned if these assholes decide not to implement their pie-in-the-sky plans.

And you know what the sad thing is, even after all these years of screw-overs by these cretins, I wouldn't put money on labour being rightly turfed out of government at the next election. Many say there's no way they'll make it, I hope they're right but I'll believe it when I see it.

While I'm on the subject of thieves, I saw a poll on Yahoo asking- Should Kevin Rudd make appearances on comedy programs? Apparently kevvie is worried about his image or some crap like that, never mind how much he and his minions have stuffed up and pissed away, it's all about the image you see.

I voted 'Yes', I mean, where else is a joke supposed to appear, other than on a comedy program.


  1. MK, Don't you know you're supposed to be a good little prole and take the bus? Generally speaking, leftists don't like cars, unless they are paid for by someone else, as in government cars supplied to politicians, and paid for by the poor suckers who elected them. Leftists will tell you it's all about pollution, the road toll, greenhouse gases, traffic congestion, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, but the real reason they begrudge people owning their own means of transport is because it means they can come and go as they please, instead of lining up like good little proletarians, and using public transport. If people start coming and going as they please, and providing their own means of transport, they might get ideas beyond their station in life, and start wanting to run their own afairs with as little interference from the state as possible, and leftists can't have that.

    One other thing: As breathtakingly incompetent, arrogant and useless as the NSW Labor government has been for the past fourteen years, I would put money on them getting in again next time, because there are so many dickheads in this state who whinge and whine about them, but just keep voting them back in election after election.

  2. Exactly Phil. And i hope you're wrong about the dickheads in the state, for all our sakes, we can't take another 4 years of labor.


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