Choke on it leftist scum! - TWO top Bush-era lawyers who authorised waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics exercised "poor judgement" but should not be disbarred, an internal Justice Department review has shown. An initial investigation by the department's ethics watchdog, the Office of Professional Responsibility, found that Jay Bybee and John Yoo engaged in "professional misconduct", a finding that could have stripped them of their law licences. But the agency's top career lawyer overruled the recommendations and concluded instead that while the controversial memos were "flawed", the pair did not act recklessly or knowingly provide incorrect advice, and thus should not face state disbarment or criminal punishment.
Poof! There go your dreams of prosecuting those who really just wanted to keep worthless cockroaches like you safe. And another thing, if you really want to whine about human rights, how about whining at your empty-suit messiah hussein obama who has authorized the almost daily attacks by American drones, blowing your terrorist chums to pieces without lawyers, trials or the right to remain silent. That's gotta grate with you America-hating lot.

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