Leave it alone Toyota

News.com.au - TOYOTA has told Japan's government it will recall its newest Prius hybrid vehicles worldwide, a transport ministry official said today. ..."The recall is being taken in response to reports of inconsistent brake feel during slow and steady braking on certain road conditions such as a pot hole, bumpy or slippery surfaces when ABS is activated," Toyota Australia said in a statement.
Ok let's get some shit straight, the prius is driven by stupid lefties and a lot of hollywood celebrities. These clowns believe that the rest of us are bastards and should be taxed to the eye balls so that they can entertain their various fantasies of fiddling with the weather. These clowns also have an irrational hatred of the Japanese because they eat whales.

Toyota finds that the brakes of the Prius are faulty and this endangers the occupants of the car, so they institute an expensive recall to fix it.



  1. I'm proud to say that I ate whale a few years back when I was in Japan. It tasted like freedom.

  2. Oh dear, the lefties will be so upset 2right. good on ya :)


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