That's what you call a scumbag - ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Garrett will keep his job but thousands of workers will be sacked after the abrupt scrapping of the disastrous $2.5 billion household insulation scheme yesterday. And Mr Garrett's own department admitted that as many as 80,000 homes across the country may have been left with insulation that does not comply with the official guidelines.
Unbelievable, the arrogance and callousness of dudd is astounding. I just hope the voters out there remember all this come election time because if they vote this clown back in, not only will we be paying more via his wretched global warming taxes, but plenty more will be out of a job.


  1. I don't reckon it's enough to just stop the programme, the insulation needs to be inspected, and if there is any risk of it becoming live, it all needs to be stripped out.

    If that stuff was in my house, I would insist on it being removed.

  2. I believe they're rolling out the inspection phase next, off course it'll be us paying for it, even if it was dudd and the wanker who fucked up.

    Anyone with a brain and the money will get their own people to come inspect it, knowing these scumbags, they'll find a way to fuck this up too.

  3. I reckon Lurch knows a bit too much about The Dudd to be set adrift.


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