Facebook censors critics of Australia's Leftist Prime Minister

From Andrew Bolt:

The Labor Party and its friends really have a problem with free speech on the Internet:
"Today, we can reveal that online political speech has been dealt another blow with Facebook, the popular social networking site, being accused of political censorship after it removed the group “KEVIN RUDD = EPIC FAIL”.

Before it was removed the Facebook group is understood to have had over 3000 members and focused on building a list what it described as Kevin Rudd’s broken promises…

The group is believed to have been banned because it criticised an individual, the Prime Minister.


Really? Facebook normally isn’t so sensitive - well, not when the vitriolic abuse is heaped on conservatives instead.

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  1. This will backfire on kevvie though, already the young who backed kevin07 are not to happy that he failed to deliver their entitlements. This sort of thing will just piss them off even more.


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