What's wrong with Gen Y?

News.com.au - EMPLOYERS are refusing to hire Generation Y workers because they lack a work ethic and spend too much time talking to friends in work hours. "Employers come to us about Gen Y, saying they're looking for a staff member but they don't want anyone in that 20s age bracket because they find they don't understand common courtesy in the workplace," Kristy-Lee Johnston, director of Footprint Recruitment told The Courier-Mail. And the complaints don't only come from managers and bosses. Social researcher Mark McCrindle said: "They also come from other people in the team who are of another generation."
I have to agree to an extent, it's not so much bad manners that I find in the younger generation, but I do find that many of them can't write properly or explain their questions or themselves coherently. Sometimes you look at a memo or note and you're literally scratching your head wondering, is there a question here or what does this shit even mean!

As for them spending time talking to their friends and on the phone, yay I can attest to that, facebook, msn and all those irritating electronic-leash programs are the order of the day. I have also noticed an inability to prioritize, but this is common amongst many, they can't seem to understand that if you have an important meeting or job to do on monday morning, drinking yourself senseless on the weekend just isn't going to help.

Alright, enough whining from me. What do you think of Gen Y over in your part of the world?


  1. I agree. I know of several places that specify older casuals.

    The problem with the youngsters is often, also, that they are linked umbilically to their mobile phones, and that can be an occupational hazard in some environments.

    They become dangerous to everyone else in the workplace.

    Then you get the 24yo who is to start at 7am, so gets there at 7, clocks on, then goes out for a smoke, and then dawdles over to the work station.

    Then a coffee.

    Remind me again why they should be paid?

  2. What I think of Gen Y in my part of the world can be summed up two words: Not Much.

    The entitlement attitude is rampant among these young people. No work ethic but expect major pay for what little they do. Self esteem up the wazoo but little actual skills or interest in acquiring them.

    The exceptions are the young people who join the armed forces. But even then the services have to work hard to turn these kids around.

  3. Oh yeah, these kids absolutely suck!
    Two years ago I returned to college to get my degree 20 years after I dropped out. All I can say is that they are NOT interested in changing this country's direction. They DO NOT seem to care about the fact that a communist resides in the White House, nor do they care that our government is sponsoring phony wars overseas. Its all Facebook, cell phones and noses in the air with these little shits! Phuck you Gen Y'ers. Phuck you all…


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