The success of socialized health - PATIENTS who pay $195 can jump the queues at hospital emergency departments when the nation's largest health fund opens its first standalone clinic today. Medibank is guaranteeing patients with minor injuries and illnesses will be treated within one hour at its first Rapid Care Clinic in Brisbane. ...Twenty thousand patients a month wait more than the clinically-recommended one hour to be treated in the clogged emergency departments in public hospitals.
Oh the joy of socialized medicine, it's funny how we're told that socialized medicine is the way to go and we can never, ever let go of it. Funny how most of us have embraced this notion no matter how much time we spend waiting in emergency rooms but here is a clinic opening up where you'll have to pay. You'd think that if socialized medicine were all that wonderful, successful and great that there would be no need for these clinics, none whatsoever, the owners are wasting their money; but as you can see below, no matter how bad it gets, some just won't get it.
Single mother Kylie Endycott, who spent five hours at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital yesterday after her one-year-old son Beau had difficulty breathing, said the clinics were a great idea but thought fees could be altered for different family situations.
Oh is that so dear, well how about this dear, why don't we just make it a free clinic, what's with this fee altering crap, after all a kid with a broken leg will cost X amount to fix up, whether he/she be from single mother, gay fathers or straight parents. Come on, let's be honest here, it's all Santa Claus paying for it anyway and how can you deny healthcare to the chiiiiilllldren!

So let's just make it another 'free' clinic and unlike all the other emergency rooms where you have to wait hours and hours, this one will be the exception, a raging success, it'll be the one free clinic in the whole nation that will serve as an example to all the others. Yes, just sprinkle some fairy dust around at the opening and you'll be away.

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