How the buck stops with kevin rudd - PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd says he is disappointed in himself for not paying closer attention to the rollout of the government's bungled home insulation program. Mr Rudd is also standing by embattled Environment Minister Peter Garrett, saying problems associated with the scheme were largely due to the failure of the compliance system that had been put in place. "I'm disappointed in myself for not asking more questions,'' Mr Rudd told ABC Television tonight. "In the pace of events last year, it's easy in hindsight to say we should have asked more questions but we didn't have time, but I accept responsibility for that.''
Dudd's version of taking full responsibility or as he'd like to say, the buck stops with me mate, fair suck of the sauce bottle mate, goes like this, say you're a married fellow. You go out and have an affair for months on end and when you eventually get caught, you decide to come clean. Look honey, I'm disappointed in myself for not stopping and thinking. It's easy in hindsight to say we should have stopped screwing around but we didn't have time, but I accept full responsibility for that. The buck stops with me. Now, what's for dinner, can you believe the latest on Tiger, pass the sauce bottle dear.

I heard dudd on talk-back radio this morning, fortunately I didn't hear all of it, but I did hear the tail end of it and also what people thought of him afterwards. I can see why kevvie avoids the highest rating radio station because from what I heard, more people seemed angrier with him after the interview than before.


  1. Krunt's idea of accepting responsibility is spending more of our money to fix the mess he caused. He just doesn't get it.

    Krunt should avoid doing the media rounds - you're right, MK, the more people hear him the lower his approval rating drops...

  2. When they start spending more money to fix the first mess, will they stop to ask more questions about the fix? Don't think so. Expect to see Rudd appologizing more in the future.

  3. I don't think he apologised, Eugene. He was very careful to say they had followed procedures and processes just to cover his arse. Krunt only apologises on behalf of other people who didn't do anything wrong in the first place.


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