The end is nigh

It's coming folks, the great global burning, the temperatures will soar, the poles will melt, the oceans will swell, the coastal cities filled with liberal morons will be swallowed (Why do I say that like it's a bad thing. :) ) up by the oceans. The end, the end I tell you is nigh, the time for talk is over, you must shut up and fall into line you insolent peasants, you must all be taxed to the eye balls. Only then will gaia be pleased, only then will she calm the oceans and let the polar bears live, yes really!
Daily Mail - Snow chaos is set to return to Britain this week as temperatures drop to as low as -6c. Some parts of the country will have up to five inches of snow with ice expected to cause major disruptions on the roads. In a fresh blast of wintry weather, eastern parts of the country will be most at risk of snow showers but western parts could have the coldest temperatures because of a lack of cloud cover. The new icy blast comes after Britain's coldest January in more than 20 years, but it will be nothing like as bad as the ‘Snowmageddon’ that has descended on parts of America, with Washington DC smothered in as much as 32 inches.
Yes really.

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