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Times Online - The first criminal charges to result from the expenses scandal are expected to be announced today by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Scotland Yard detectives have referred six files to the Crown Prosecution Service so far. They believe that the evidence in some of these cases is overwhelming and are confident that a number of parliamentarians will be charged with criminal offences.
This would be great, I'd be so happy if some of those leftist cockroaches in Britain were criminally charged and had to spend a bit of time in jail. For years, they've dragged that nation down the toilet of their ideology and until now, the only price has been the odd electoral loss. They deserve far, far worse.

Speaking of cockroaches.
Times Online - The father and grandfather of a Turkish teenager are to face trial for burying her alive because they were concerned that her friendship with boys had brought dishonour on their family. Although honour killings are not infrequent in Turkey, the especially gruesome manner of Medine Memi’s death has shocked the nation.

A coroner said that Medine had been discovered bound and lifeless in sitting position in a 2m hole dug beneath a chicken coop outside the family’s house in the town of Kahta in Southeastern Turkey, 40 days after she had disappeared. The hole had been cemented over. According to a post-mortem examination the large amount of soil in her lungs and stomach showed that she had been buried while conscious and suffered a slow and agonising death.
If it were up to me, I'd shoot the bastards in the stomach and bury them in the same hole, give them the same vicious, painful death they gave to that poor girl. That is the only way these muslims will abandon their primitive savagery, when the pain they inflict on others is paid back to them with interest.

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  1. " .. her friendship with boys had brought dishonour on their family ... "

    I wonder just how that works. In a civilised culture, murdering your daughter, and granddaughter, would bring dishonour on your family.


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