Kevvie works the wrong nerve

The Australian - KEVIN Rudd vowed today to review solar panel standards amid concerns that up to 2000 homes fitted under a federal scheme were at risk of electrical fires. Speaking after embattled environment minister Peter Garrett revealed he is now considering an audit of solar panels, the Prime Minister said the safety of rooftop installations was the priority.
First kevvie and his bungling minions stuffed up the insulation rebate scheme, now we learn they stuffed up the solar panel scheme as well, shock-horror! I wonder if the big-government lefties who push this sort of thing have learned their lesson, they wanted to meddle and fiddle with everything, they wanted to insert themselves into people's homes and lives. Well, careful what you wish for morons, you just got it, in all its glory.

I was thinking about this last night and it occurred to me, these schemes have shown the Australian public the truth about the rudd government, in a way the Australian media would never have shown him. Especially now that he's openly paid them to spit-polish his ass to a fine shine during an election year.

But there is a lesson in this for all sides of the political spectrum.

I'm sure some of you would remember the farmer who went on a hunger strike to get some justice from the Rudd government; much of the media didn't want to tell us his story for a long time and to an extent, if you didn't watch the news or read the papers much, you may not have known about it. So there is a good chance that if you're the shitbag in such a story, you can get away from it without too much damage, especially if large sections of the media are still infatuated with you.

But not so when you're the architect of screw-ups like the above. In these cases, the media aren't the only ones to hang your ass out, they don't need to watch the news to hear of it. When you hear of the neighbors house going up in flames or the guy down the road getting his ass fried when he fiddled in the roof, you wake up real fast cos the news travels like wild fire. In my work place, most people have little idea of what's really going on because they're just not told, but everyone knows about the insulation screw-up and everyone knows whose fault it is.

To make matters worse, the rudd government has somehow managed to find that most treasured nerve of Australian culture, home ownership. Screwing with an Aussie's home is like telling an American that you're going to take his guns away or fiddle with his healthcare. Little pisses them off quite like those things.

As it is, we Aussies are paying through our asses, selling our organs off and such to service the mortgage, now this fellow has come in and put all that hard work and struggling at risk of literally going up in flames. Nice one kevvie, better reach for the sauce bottle chump, fair suck and all that.

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  1. Looks like kevvie still hasn't figured it out, the rebate scheme is even more screwed up than before now.

    Peter Garrett drops $2 billion insulation scheme and solar rebate

    It's been turned into some other bullshit scheme.


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