So over you obama

Times Online - The list of people banned from Las Vegas is a litany of dishonour. But among the swindlers, fixers and mobsters — many of their mugshots displayed on the Nevada Gaming Commission’s website under the heading Excluded, Wanted & Denied — is a new and rather unlikely name: that of Barack H. Obama, of Washington. “I want to assure you that when he comes [here], I’ll do everything I can to give him the boot,” growled Oscar Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, before Air Force One swooped down over Sin City’s infamous “Strip” for a presidential visit that was expected to last less than 24 hours.

Mr Goodman was not there to greet Mr Obama when he stepped on to the tarmac of McCarran International, having turned down an invitation from the White House. Nor was he expected to attend any of the President’s events — an astonishing rebuff by a lowly city mayor to a US leader.
Well, the msm still polishing obamas ass might think it's unbelievable that someone would rebuff their great Totus, but to the rest of us peasants, we're all a bit tired of the arrogant gasbag. I wouldn't be surprised if few people actually turned out if obama were to waffle along to some gathering, unless off course he allows the people to ask him a few questions. Maybe they'll turn up to throw eggs or tell him to leave their healthcare alone but I don't know about hundreds or thousands cheering and swooning at the sight of him.

If you read the whole article, you'll see that only hundreds of people lined up for 'free' tickets to see obama at a town hall meeting, try charging them to see Totus and let's see if even a hundred will turn up. The message is clear, they're so over you obama.


  1. They might like him more if his administration stopped bagging Vegas as a gambling den and its visitors as gambling addicts. Oh, and got rid of Nevada senator Harry Reid. Remember him - he declared the Iraq war lost - the same war in which Obamma just claimed victory for himself.

  2. Yeah i remember that, especially his hatred of the surge. They so wanted iraq to be destroyed just so they could get back at Bush.


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