The Great Leader Calls a Summit on Healthcare, But is Surprised When Participants Actually Want to Discuss the Issues

I was listening to the Great Leader on the internet at his “bipartisan” summit on universal healthcare with the US Congress. If Obama thought he would embarrass the Republicans and shame them into submission, he was certainly disappointed. Instead his arrogance, ineptitude, and deceit were on display for all to see.

Obama began by lecturing the opposition on the need for health care. After all, he reads ten letters every night, that are hand selected by his staff from the approximately 40,000 that the White House receives each day, and there are usually two or three that talk about the need for healthcare. (Wow, what a surprise that his staff would find some letters that support his healthcare project. I wonder if he ever sees any of the letters from the opposition?) He also said that it was extremely important to get control of the huge national debt, which he says is substantially due to healthcare costs. And how does he propose to solve this dangerous deficit? By spending over a trillion dollars (probably closer 5 trillion) on his healthcare power grab. Don’t you just love leftist economics? If you have a debt problem just spend more borrowed money than you could possibly imagine and the debt disappears. 2 + 2 = 0. The government will take care of everyone and all it will cost is your liberty, your children’s future, and the destruction of the economy of the western world (when he takes out the US economy it will take everybody else with it as well).

Obama was clearly unprepared and upset when the Republicans failed to show up with white flags. He ended up trying to ridicule John McCain by telling him, in a very unfriendly tone, that he wasn’t on the presidential campaign trail any more, to which McCain replied that he was reminded of it every day (maybe he’s getting tired of Obama calling him everyday to brag). Obama also interrupted and scolded another Republican Representative, who was reading from the 2000+ page healthcare bill, for bringing a “prop” to the discussion. The “prop” was the healthcare bill. Apparently, Obama thinks that it is inappropriate to talk about what is in the bill at a summit on the bill because the “truth of the matter” is that it’s very complicated, and if you actually insist on discussing the bill nothing will get done. In other words, working together with Obama and the Democrats means shutting up, bending over and taking what the Great Leader has to offer. And as if to emphasize this point, the Democrats got twice as much time as the Republicans to present their view that universal healthcare is what everyone wants. This at a summit where they were supposed to listen to the Republicans.

The Democrats spent a significant amount of time denying that they intended to push the bill though using a parliamentary trick called “reconciliation” or the “nuclear option”, which is intended to avoid the need for 60 votes in the US Senate, even though they’ve spent the past several months saying they were going to do just that. All in all, it was a very embarrassing day for Obama. Does it mean that healthcare is dead? Probably not, but it was undeniable evidence that the left has no desire to work with the opposition and will instead continue their mad rush spend the US into oblivion. The worst is yet to come.


  1. Leftists yearning to bungle healthcare and foist socialized medicine will never stop. It's like the vain hope that islam will reform itself and really become a religion.

    It cannot happen because it's against everything thing they believe and the only way the left can take away freedom and liberty.

    The left in America and Australia have been given enough rope to hang themselves and that they will. I just hope that the people are watching and taking note of their actions and getting ready to pull that lever come election time.

  2. Hope so too MK. The problem is will people wake up in time. The leftist are doing this on purpose. They want the system to collapse, and when it does they will use it as an excuse for more government interference and programs, to protect us from ourselves for problems they created.

  3. They've done it elsewhere too Eugene and it's worked, it's their best hope of gaining power in the long term. We wait impatiently, but not holding our breath.


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