Saudis ban Valentine's day

SMH - The Saudi religious police have launched a nationwide crackdown on shops selling items that are red or in any other way allude to the banned celebrations of Valentine's Day, a Saudi official says. ...Red-coloured or heart-shaped items are legal at other times of the year, but as February 14 nears, they become contraband in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom bans celebration of Western holidays such as Valentine's Day, named after a Christian saint said to have been martyred by the Romans in the 3rd century.
The gall of these pricks is astounding, throughout the rest of the year, it's alright to sell red-colored crap, but come February and it's shaft-the-westerner time again, and just for the sake of it. If it wasn't for us westerners with our fancy technology and voracious appetite for oil, those stupid savages would still be scratching around in the sand, wheezing about how everyone's out to get them and the Jews are hiding in the shadows shafting their destiny or some such shit.

But anyway, go ahead morons, ban Valentine's day and the romance, on the plus side, most Saudi camels will happy that love won't be in the air.


  1. Ban St Valentine's Day? Sorry, I'm with the mullahs on that one, if not exactly for the same reasons...

  2. Your ignorance is truly amazing, MK.

  3. Yeah i ain't much of a fan either ar, but damn those islamists are a piece of work.

    Thanks anon.


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