Mountains out of molehills

Once again we see the true leftist colors of the media in this country, ever since Tony Abbott became the opposition leader and their precious bumboy malcolm the whiner was booted out, they've played the man Abbott and diligently refused to take their hero kevin dudd to task over his policies as they should. Apparently Abbott has offended the women of the galaxy again. - TONY Abbott says people are being "hypersensitive" about his comments on housewives doing the ironing. Although he acknowledged that ironing was not just a woman's domain, he told a radio station today that in many Australian homes it was still much more common to see a woman with an iron in her hand.
That sounds like the man was stating a fact, what did they want him to say, it's the emus and chickens that do the ironing in Australian homes? He didn't say that only women should do the ironing, no matter how much kdudd's sycophants want to fantasize that he did. If it's women who are doing the ironing, then that's not his fault, what next, women get offended because some bastard man said they bear the children!
...Mr Abbott made the ironing remark during a visit to a dry-cleaning store yesterday, which he used to warn of higher electricity prices under an emissions trading scheme (ETS). "What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing is that if they get it done commercially it's going to go up in price, and their own power bills when they switch the iron on are going to go up," he said.
Well, who the heck is he supposed to direct his comment to then, the cardiologists of Australia? Seriously, it's almost as if the media in this country have simply thrown off any cover of being unbiased and professional, it's just a circus now. Instead of printing such bullshit, how about asking Abbott how the prices will go up, prove him wrong if you can, you wankers can make a fool of Tony Abbott, if you can.

Better still, go and ask kevin dudd, ask him to prove that the price of getting your clothes ironed at home or outside will not go up under his ETS, go on, show Abbott, make a fool of him if you can, you know you want to.

The truth is that they know he's right, under kevin dudd's ETS, the price of getting your clothes ironed will go up irrespective of where you get it down, along with everything else. But because they're really kdudd's sycophants, they can't bear to show him up for the socialist gasbag that he really is.

Finally, it's quite telling and most amusing that this is the best they got against Abbott, making up smears and mountains out of molehills.

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  1. When your arguments don't stack up, play the man. You don't have to read Saul Alinsky to know what tactics the Left will use.


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