Muslims spreading the religion of peace - GUNMEN with silencers have killed a family of eight in Baghdad, beheading some of their victims, amid a spate of deadly attacks less than two weeks before Iraq's general election. Eleven other people were killed in attacks, including three in a suicide car bombing in west Iraq, and a police commando was shot dead by a sniper in Baghdad. - A BOMB mounted on a bicycle has exploded in the southern Afghan town of Lashkar Gah, killing seven people, a provincial official says. "The blast killed seven civilians and injured another 14," the spokesman for the governor of Helmand province, Daud Ahmadi, told AFP.

Funny how they always say allah the most merciful, how allah sees everything and all that crap, but oddly enough when they're busy slaughtering and murdering there is either just no mercy on the part of allah or he's as blind as a bat.


  1. Look, MK, you just don't understand. It's a religion of peace, right? It's just a small minority of muslims, who adhere to a distorted version of Islam, that do these things. I know that because I heard Kevin Rudd saying it on the car radio yesterday, so it's got to be true, right? Anyway, can't you hear the chorus of mainstream muslims denouncing this distortion of the true meaning of Islam? Wait a minute, that's not a chorus of denunciation, it's just crickets chirping. Sorry. Silly me.

  2. Allah is merciful to the right kind of Muslims, everyone else is expected to be slaves or die.


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