LA Times - Anti-Olympic protests erupted into clashes with police Saturday as a roaming band of masked activists broke plate-glass shop windows at the iconic Hudson's Bay Co., smashed car windows and hurled trash cans and news racks into busy intersections. Riot police moved in several times to secure key downtown thoroughfares and occasionally wrestled protesters to the ground with batons, though there were no serious injuries.

Police were finally able to corner the band of about 300 protesters on a commercial block in Vancouver's west end and then formed a cordon around the leaders, sealing them off as the crowd screamed "Let them go!" They were released a short while later on the condition that they disperse.
I saw the footage on TV, I can't believe they let these scumbags off after what they did, they ran riot, breaking and destroying as much as they could for who knows what. I can't believe the police cornered these vermin and just let them go after that, now we know why these vermin run riot and do as they please, because they can. The law doesn't seem to care that a shop front has been destroyed and property has been damaged, these things that aren't brought by Santa Claus, someone out there is going to have to pay for the repairs.

If you ask me, those who incurred the damage ought to get together and find where these cowardly pricks hang out and return the favor, after all if the law won't punish them, the people have every right to. If you can't find anything of theirs to break, then arms and legs are fair game, if nothing else, it'll hold them off for a few months at least.


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