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There was an incident - this is a "no-shitter" - where a commander in the field actually DID call back to a JAG (military lawyer) in order to get the okay for a mutha-fraggin' airstrike!

As lined-out by Uncle Jimbo at, there IS a valid reason for the VERY restrictive ROE (rules of engagement), but when it comes down to the INTERPRETATION and IMPLEMENTATION of those rules, THAT is when we have a problem.

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Too many of the commanders in the field are looking over their shoulders before giving orders, so the next logical question is: WHY?

Might it just maybe have something to do with the Marines (falsely) accused of murdering innocent civilians in Haditha - all of whom have since been exonerated?
...and that EX-Marine jerk murtha had the luck of dying before the libel lawsuit filed against him by one of the cleared Marines could get to trial.
...but now that oxy-thief has faced the HIGHEST Judge, and I do not believe the "ruling" was favorable.
Perhaps it could be the trial of three Navy SeALs for giving a captured terrorist
a fat lip?
(that terrorist was the one who orchestrated the ambush of the BlackWater guards whose charred corpses were hung from that bridge in Fallujah.)
How about the threats of criminal charges being filed against CIA interrogators?
Even the lawyers who "ok'd" the "harsh interrogation techniques" of captured terrorists got run through the legal mill - and exonerated.

Gee, ya think any of that shit might be why field commanders seem to be focusing more on the legalities than the tactics of the situations they face?
That kind of hesitation in the field can get good troops dead.
I have to wonder how many American troops have ALREADY paid with their lives for the treasonous actions
and self-serving words of CongressCritters, Attorney General holder and the whole misbegotten misAdminstration of Pharaoh in D.C.

So what can WE do about this, back here stateside?
How about we keep up the pressure on the jackasses and posers in D.C.?

Let's make sure that this Republic gets back to being something WORTHY of the sacrifices our warfighters and their families are making for us every day.
Don't let their efforts go to waste.
Do NOT allow the neo-fascists in D.C. in the gate with their socialist "health care" bullshit - which has precisely ZERO to do with IMPROVING care or LOWERING costs! - but has EVERYTHING to do with giving more power to the politicians, at the expense of the very Liberties guaranteed to us by the Constitution our troops are sworn to defend.

Never forget - those ass-hats work for US, not the other way around.
Look closely at the voting records - NOT THE LYING WORDS! - of your so-called "elected representatives".
You'll know which ones need to be fired - whether in the primaries, or come November.
Just make sure the new ones will actually "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND domestic."
...and that PARTICULARLY includes their own "colleagues" who manage to slither their way back into Congress after the treason they've already committed.

You know who they are.
Make sure they don't get their jobs back in November.

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  1. Well said Touchstone. Western fighting forces have a long history of being accountable to the people they serve and protect. That is one of the reasons why they're so lethal and dangerous a fighting force.

    But often, those overseeing them take it too far and start fiddling around tying them up and screwing them over in the back. Hang the bastards is what i'd like to do, because they're getting good men killed.


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