Useless parole board keeps falling for a polite crook

Anybody who knows the first thing about psychopathy would know what Mr Bartulin is so why doesn't the parole board? Shouldn't they be expert in such things?

A HABITUAL criminal with more than 200 convictions who has repeatedly convinced the Parole Board he has mended his ways yesterday thanked a judge for yet another year in jail. Richard Matthew Bartulin was a menace to society who showed no sign of reforming, Tasmanian Chief Justice Ewan Crawford said.

The 41-year-old from Glenorchy has added convictions for burglary, stealing and three counts of perverting the course of justice to his crimes list. The Supreme Court heard that after the robbery Bartulin called his victim and pretended to be a detective, told the man the case was closed and recommended he clean up the evidence.

Justice Crawford said Bartulin had "an appalling criminal record" of more than 200 offences and had continually breached parole. "He says he wants to reform and realises what an idiot he has been," the judge said. "Having regard to his record, his saying those things is pointless. Actions speak louder than words. "The court must have regard to the terrible financial harm and inconvenience he has caused his fellow citizens over many years."

Justice Crawford added another year to jail terms Bartulin is already serving and said he should not be considered for parole. Bartulin said "Thank you, your honour" as he was led from the court.

The Parole Board has released Bartulin early five times in recent years. "The board is of the view that you have now learnt your lesson," it said before setting him free in 2004. "The board considers that you are not going to be a danger to the public." Three months later he offended again. In 2005, they let him go again. "We are still in the same situation we were when we granted you parole originally, that is, we think it is unlikely that you will commit any further offences of burglary and stealing," the board said.

Three months later he was back before the courts. His latest release on parole was June last year. This time he lasted four months.


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  1. John, under the NSW Crimes Act of 1900, a person convicted of a Break, Enter and Stealing offence is entitled to recieve 14 years imprisonment. To be classed as a Burglar, an offender has to be convicted of a Breaking and Entering offence, which means the enforced entry of a dwelling house or other establishments. The crime of Breaking and Entering is a felonious offence, and as such, the offender is to be tried by judge and jury.

  2. I tried to add to this comment that the reason our criminals are so active, is that they are no longer tried in supreme courts but are dealt with at lower courts by magistrates who can only issue sentences of two years or under. It is a travesty of the justice system that has been propagated by leftist activists who would rather blame society as the offender than in fully prosecuting the criminal.


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