Darwin attack motivated by stingy insurance payout

Insurance companies can be very arbitrary and arrogant so I am surprised that this is the first such attack. The TIO obviously left this guy in such a bad position that he obviously felt he had nothing left to lose. It appears that they refused to compensate him for loss of earnings after he was injured on the job, leaving him destitute. One hopes that in future all insurance companies will be wary of leaving insured people in that position -- JR

AN attack at a Darwin shopping centre which left 15 people injured has been compared to a smaller scale domestic version of the first Bali bombings. A man angry with his workers' compensation payout loaded a shopping trolley with jerry cans of fuel and set it alight after what many initially feared was a terrorist attack.

The injured were taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital after the man entered the Territory Insurance Office (TIO) claim branch about 11am - pushing a shopping trolley loaded with fuel and fireworks which were already lit. It hit a reception desk and started to burn out of control. Northern Territory Police Commander Colleen Gwynne said the attack was a rapid burning fire - not an explosion.

The bomber reportedly goes by the name "Bird" and is a former security guard who worked at a Darwin pub until being injured on the job in October 2007. He allegedly blamed TIO for loss of earnings that forced him to leave his three-bedroom home in Humpty Doo and move into a shipping container.

The accused ran from the scene, leaving those inside to take the brunt of the flames and smoke. He immediately handed himself into police.


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  1. This type of 'payback' will only become more prevalent as insurance companys managing workers compenstation claims make more victims.

    The workers compensation in all states and territories is now so unfair to the injured worker and favorable to the insurance company running it that I'm as surprised as you John that this type of incident had not occurred earlier.

  2. Oh yeah, I'm surprised more disgruntled folks aren't pushing flaming fuel trolleys into crowded shops.

    The guy is clearly a fucktard. I hope his needs are met for the rest of his useless existence.


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