krudd just doesn't give a @#%& - THE Rudd Government is rallying around Peter Garrett as the besieged environment minister digs in against calls for his resignation. Mr Garrett is under growing pressure over his administration of the Rudd Government's $3.7 billion insulation rebate scheme.

The Government has gone into damage control over four deaths associated with the program introduced last year as part of its economic stimulus measures. It has shut down the foil insulation component of the program - after two installers were electrocuted - and launched an emergency audit of almost 50,000 homes that could have "live" roofs.

Electricians say they're hearing reports of hundreds of homes across the nation where the insulation has become live through contact with electrical fittings.
A couple of people are dead, 3.7 billion largely pissed away and even more is set to be pissed away thanks to the incompetent pustule. krudd should have gone the right thing and sacked that piece of crap. But no, apparently krudd thinks he's doing a real swell job, one has to wonder exactly how many billions have to be pissed away and how many people have to die before the ass masquerading as the PM of this country figures out his ass from his elbow.

The time has come Australia, no longer is your choice between a preening gasbag and his closet leftie/bumboy in opposition. Time to send krudd a nice message in return, that we don't give a @#%& about you either krudd!


  1. Garrett won't be pushed lest he spills the beans on Krunt. It was Krunt which demanded haste haste haste to spend spend spend.

    And it's not just the hotwired houses they have to worry about, it's also insulation installed over light-fittings which are causing house fires. And today we read how imported (aint that great for stimulus!) batts are laced with formaldehyde.

    Garrett is a mere pustule - squeeze him and be done with it - it's Krunt that needs to go. Did you hear the slimebag Krunt on his glad-handing morning show saying, Oh never mind these four, there's plenty of industrial deaths every year in Australia.

  2. Mr. Garrett! I wouldn't give him the title of Mr.!


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