Of clowns and monkeys

News.com.au - ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Garrett is fighting for his political life after the Government was forced to take emergency action over its deadly insulation program. ...A handful of deaths connected to the program has put pressure on the Government and today it ordered an emergency audit to ensure the safety of homes fitted with foil insulation. ...The latest controversy isn't the first for the minister. His green loans scheme is in trouble, the solar panels rebate has been problematic, the prime minister derailed his attempt to ban climbing at Uluru and he's failed to stop Japanese whaling.
Guess who pays for the stupidity of this clown, apart from those that have died thanks to him, yep, it'll be us paying for the emergency audit. So he rolls out a half-assed scheme paid for us, when it turns out to be a deadly and dangerous half-assed scheme, we have to cough up yet again to clean up the mess left by this clown. For some strange reason Julia Gillard was still defending this buffoon last night. If nothing else, it's a good thing kevin dudds ratings are getting to the toilet, I mean I know kevvie doesn't give a shit about Garrett's stupidity, but at least he now has a sacrificial lamb to offer the voters as penance. Sorry Garrett, you're just going to have to take one for kevvie.

While I'm on the subject of dear kevvie.
News.com.au - CHINA has charged four Rio Tinto employees with violating bribery and trade secret laws, state Xinhua news agency reports. The group of four, including Australian passport holder Stern Hu, allegedly "used their positions to obtain benefits for others and on many occasions solicited or accepted bribes", the report said. ...Hu and his three Chinese colleagues were detained last July and were initially accused of stealing state secrets, a capital offence.
It's been more than six months now and they've finally charged them, and lefties prattle on about Gitmo. Anyway I'm sure lawyer brigades are being deployed to ensure their rights are not being violated, it's not only the rights of America-hating muslim terrorists that lefties are concerned with you know. I'm sure the local lefties are working the phones as we speak and I'm sure there will be mass protesting outside the Chinese embassy, any day now. It's coming, I know it's coming.

If these poor sods had any fantasies about Australia having a special relationship with China, that's pretty much been blown sky high out of the water, even for the lefties still smitten by kevvie. Remember back when kevin dudd was the opposition leader and the Chinese came out here and kevvie startled everyone with his fancy mandarin and all that. I still remember how the media were gushing like teenies at their first concert over it, oh dear kevvie, he has them eating out of his hands, look everyone amazing kevvie.

I think it's pretty obvious now what the Chinese were thinking when they saw kevvie prattling away to them. "Oh wow, what a clever little monkey!"


  1. Garrett made a career out of singing whiny anthems to his dissatisfaction with the way the world worked, when he was lead singer for Midnight Oil. Now, through the wonders of mass delusion, he is now a "politician", in a position where concrete results are expected, and he is TOTALLY out of his depth. Singing songs is much easier. He is a joke, but unfortunately, the joke is on us.

  2. Yep, easy for any old turd to whine, but it's quite another matter to actually do something about it.

  3. According to Krunt henchman Bowen, Barnaby Joyce is dangerous. He just finished being flogged by uber-left Tony Jones on Lateline, flogged with a wet lettuce leaf, that is, when Jones asked him a softball question that allowed him to riff on Barnaby Joyce for a few uninterrupted minutes. Bowen, who looks like a Sontaran from Dr Who, couldn't see the irony as he defended Lurch whose programs have seen four killed and in the next breath attacked Joyce calling him "dangerous" at least four times. The incompetent deadly Krunt government is spinning faster than an Iranian centrifuge.


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