A sore and sour loser

News.com.au - FORMER Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull has savaged the Coalition's direct action plan to combat climate change as a "recipe for fiscal recklessness". Giving his first parliamentary speech since losing the Liberal leadership in December, Mr Turnbull indicated he would cross the floor to vote with Labor when a vote was taken on the carbon pollution reduction scheme.
I was going to say something in response to malcolm's little tantrum but you know what, who gives a shit. The man is angry, sour and sore that he isn't the leader of the opposition, he stomped his feet like a spoiled, insolent little prat but it made no difference. Contrary to leftist smearing, Abbott didn't stab him in the back. You see if malcolm were a real conservative, I'd agree that Abbott shafted him, but malcolm ain't no conservative, he's just another leftist ratbag in a suit, a polished ratbag, but a ratbag none the less.

So as far as I'm concerned Abbott deservedly whipped Labors bumboy back into his place and thank heavens for it, if it were up to kevin dudd and his trusty bumboy, we'd all be getting the tripe taxed out of us. Yes, yes I know lefties, the end is nigh, the barrier reef is down the toilet, the oceans are going to swallow Australia up and all that shit. So you all should be buying one-way tickets out of doomed Australia shouldn't you, well go on then.

Oh and malcolm, the polls are looking so much better for the coalition now that you're gone, so cross the floor chump, take your shit with you and stay there, we all know you belong there.


  1. Abso-bloody-lutely, MK. What a classless little creep Turnbull has shown himself to be.

  2. You've nailed Turnbull to a T, MK!

  3. Thanks guys, i'm starting to think that Tony Abbott needs to push malcolm out of the Liberal party, he could do more damage whilst on our side. Especially with the slimy canberra press gallery looking for anything to give their boy an advantage.

  4. "Labor's bumboy".

    That's gold.

  5. Diminished as he is in my estimation, Turnbull still doesn't quite strike me that way. The analogy... or anal-ogy as I see it, is the general public are the bumboys, procured by the Labor-wannabe, and being delivered up to Krunt for a right-royal buggering via the ETS. For our efforts we will have some pennies thrown our way unless you can afford your own bus fare home then you get nothing.

  6. Thanks Phil.

    That we certainly are ar, the way these bastards see us. Fortunately for labor enough of us are happy to screw over the rest of us for their weather-fiddling fantasies.


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