Good show!

I am pleased to see that MK started blogging up a storm while I was out of action because of a lost internet connection.

Maybe I should stop blogging here altogether to encourage the others!

I mostly post two articles a day here. Is that too much?

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


  1. I manage to visit this site at least once a day and in my opinion, whatever you can manage to put up I will read!

  2. I was wondering what happened JR.

    Please stick around JR, in a few months i'm going to be real busy with life in general so i won't be doing much blogging.

    Off course our loyal readers are welcome to start posting, a standing invitation for ar, Nemesis, Betsy.

  3. MK...would love to put up a couple posts, but I'm computer illiterate, for instance, how do I do HTML?

  4. Oh mate, is that what's been holding you back?

    No need to know html, blogger is easy, you just need to play around in it a bit.

    Shall i email you an invite and you can have a go?

  5. Been trying to get here as often as possible, but the real world keeps intruding.
    Agreed, though...the more, the merrier.

  6. Agreed, Touchstone. There's so much going on, I don't know where to look first. The "Big" Breitbart sites, Tim Blair, Bolta, Malkin, Gates of Vienna and Hillbuzz are all essential reading.

    I barely find time to post - trying to put together a small one about Consumer Affairs atm. Did you know that Government departments can get a grant from Consumer Affairs? Which is funded by.... the government?

    Neither did I.

    That just freezes my brain up.

    Oh, and current light reading has all been about Stalinism.

  7. Govrenment departments getting government grants. Grants of our money. Brilliant.

    That's almost as stupid as Krunt's assurances that money received via the ETS will be dispensed as compensation for low-income earners. Failing of course to mention the 50% or so that will be lost in the machine room of the new government department responsible for handing out the handouts...


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