Sorry you're so stupid Australia! - KEVIN Rudd has admitted his Government has "disappointed a lot of people" and let itself down by not living up to its promises or talking enough. In a candid interview with columnist Laurie Oakes, the Prime Minister admitted he had been too focused on policy details and had not spent enough time explaining his climate change scheme to voters. "We've disappointed a lot of people," he said. "We've let ourselves down."
Ah so you see folks, the only reason you dumb schmucks didn't run out and wildly support kevvie's great big tax on everything is simple, you were just too stupid to get it and your beloved kevvie just didn't have time to explain it more clearly to us. So I'm thinking our dear kevvie will draw some pictures, squeeze some squeaky toys and speak really s-l-o-w-l-y to help clear things up for us neanderthals in future. Gee thanks asshole!

On a side note isn't this what Obama's explanation was for his tanking-in-the-toilet ratings, that he didn't explain things clearly to the stupid American people, too caught up in the details! Bloody hell, this means our clown isn't even a bit original.
The debate over the bungled handling of the Federal Government's home insulation scheme "reflects a wider disappointment in the community about what the Government has done". Hours after the interview, he demoted Peter Garrett and announced a rethink in his Government's climate policy.
So the buck really doesn't stop with kevvie after all. Let me get this straight, his minister fucks up a couple of schemes, pisses away millions upon millions of our money, causes massive job losses in the industry, puts people out of business altogether, gets a lot of people killed in the process and as punishment is just demoted to a $200,000 plus a year job!

Wow, who said stupidity, callousness and incompetence doesn't pay, it seems to pay most handsomely in kevin rudds Australia.

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  1. Garrett keeps his current pay level. Combet who has to clean up the mess is an assistant minister so he gets $20k less. Garrett is still on the cabinet - Combet is not. Garrett keeps his pay, rank, and cabinet minister status and now only has to look after leaf-headed geckos. Nice work, if you can get it.

    Krunt couldn't care less about the whole matter. To him it is just an inconvenience which can be dealt with by process.

    He must be killing himself laughing on the inside as he fronts the media, "Yes boss, too bad about your $2bn. It's all my fault, I accept that, but just give me some more of your money and it'll all go away. Anyway boss, the batts scheme will seem like nothing when you find out about the rorts in the school halls scheme."


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