Some Toyotas are better than others

I can't help noticing that the problem with runaway acceleration in Toyota cars affects drivers of automatic cars only. If my Toyota Echo started uncontrolled acceleration, I would just push in the clutch and move the gearshift into neutral: An entirely mechanical process under my complete control and the end of the problem. Another triumph for old-fashioned tried and true systems?

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


  1. True that, but drivers of automatics can just push the thing into neutral too.

    I guess people ain't too happy about the problem in the first place. The chairman/ceo of Toyota accepted responsibility i hear, something certain big shots in government could do a bit of too, from where i stand.

  2. Good luck getting anyone in government to accept responsibility for anything other than the lunch orders, MK.

    I prefer to drive a manual car.

  3. "drivers of automatics can just push the thing into neutral too."

    They tried that but it didn't work


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