Three-parent family in Australia?

Back in January this year, I posted about a court ruling in Canada that a child had 3 parents, 2 mothers and 1 father. In that case it was two lesbians and the father, back then I said if you allow 3 parents, why not 4, if the father is gay and he has a 'partner', why can't the partner now also become a parent, a 4 parent family. I mean come on, is the bastard court going to allow lesbians to become mothers but deny parenthood to homosexual men, read on folks, it looks like we have our own case. Careful how you tread Australia, it's a darn slippery slope this, one mistake and there's no stopping the
A LESBIAN mother is battling to stop the gay father of her child from having his homosexual lover declared one of the child's parents. The Family Court heard this week the mother had been in a relationship with another woman for about 10 years when she asked a gay friend to impregnate her. The court heard that even though the child's mother and father lived apart they agreed they would both have a role in the child's upbringing.

The mother's lawyer told the court the boy would automatically spend time with his father's lover when he had access to the child and that there was no need to have him formally noted as a co-parent. She said the father's lover was acting out a political agenda by trying to have authorities officially recognise him. The court was told the father wanted the child to have two fathers and two mothers. Herald Sun.
You gotta laugh when a lesbian is whingeing about someone else acting out a political agenda. Where is the father's concern as a parent in all this, I suppose his partner's holding his balls (not just literally) for him. Well if the court bows to this case, then why can't the other lesbian also be made a parent, then we'll have 4 parents, what if the father decides to change partners, then why can't the other guy also be made a parent. But then the other ex-lover is still a parent, you can't just take that away from him, homophobia and all that, so we'll have to have a 5 parent family and on it will go. Hopefully the court draws the line and boots this case out into the sea. Again the child is probably way, way down on their priority list, like the lesbian couple I posted about earlier, swell parents this lot are ey.

Thanks to regular reader Nilk for bringing this to my attention.

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