A principled war. . .

As commented on recently, I have taken an edgier position. For edgier, read: totally fed up.

Why am I fed up? I’m sick and tired of reading the ramblings of barely coherent fools. I’m sick to death of reading idiotic clap trap from people who actually believe they have a brain (and that they use it for much more than an advanced sex gland).

Let’s start with the notion of ‘principled war’. To sum up, certain morons out there believe that because their Government (or another’s) takes a particular position (real or fanciful), then that dictates their position. Easy, yes? Let’s take a little test, then.

Let’s say Winston Churchill decided to declare war on Germany, not because it invaded Poland, but because he hated Krauts. Yes, that’s right, he despised the goons; the pointy heads; the strudelkopfs; damned Bosch; the depp. Let's say it was all about kicking Fritz just for the heck of it.

According to the bright lights of the left out there, if this were so, apparently we should not have fought. No – we could only fight if Winnie had had the purest of motives. It was all up to him. No matter the death camps, no matter the slaughter, no matter invasion, war, death and mayhem – no, it was all down to Winston and whether or not he wanted to poke a damned Kraut in the eye – or not.

So it is with Iraq. No matter what went before, no matter what anyone says, according to the pea-brains of the left, it’s all about oil (because they say so), and that’s it.

But let’s talk about principles, shall we? Let’s talk, for example, about the leader of the Greens in Australia, Senator Bob Brown, who was all for marching in and clobbering Saddam back in 1991. Let’s talk about the reason why he wanted to see that done: mass murder, military adventurism, dictatorship, despotism – oh, I could go on and on.

And he was right – absolutely right. And this is one of the very few occasions where you’ll read me saying something like that about Bob Brown.

Having said it, now let’s talk about why all of that suddenly changed. Why, all of a sudden, Saddam didn’t need to be removed anymore? Why, all of a sudden, Halabja’s thousands didn’t need to be acknowledged or avenged anymore? Why, all of a sudden, the threat that this creature and his mass-murdering regime posed, evaporated into thin air, along with the evil of the two wars he declared, and right along with the tremendous threat he posed, given he was devoting his nation’s wealth to waging war, both conventional and asymetrical?

Why did it change? It’s simple. None of it really mattered in the first place. Not to Bob. And certainly not to the left. And as soon as that position no longer suited, they dropped it like a hot-cake. And we need no further evidence than the steaming piles of sanctimonious crap they leave on our door step here, each and every day.

Don’t talk to me about 'left-wing' principles ever again.

There is no such thing.

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