Oh the horrid gun, shock, horror, oh my..

A schoolboy brandishes an AK-47 assault rifle on a suburban railway platform at teatime. In pictures captured on closed circuit television, he loads the Kalashnikov, lifts it to his shoulder and aims it at a terrified construction worker. David Wood, a crane driver, who was working opposite the station, said he watched in horror as one teenager took the AK47 from a plastic bin liner, fitted it with a magazine and then passed it to the other boy who aimed it directly at him. He said: : ‘I was fearing for my own safety, it was very threatening. I immediately radioed my office to say they had a gun.’

The incident happened last Friday afternoon and was captured on camera by Mr Wood’s boss, Frank Ridley, who targeted his CCTV on to the platform and captured a series of shocking images. Meanwhile the two armed youths disembarked the train and wandered off into the afternoon with the deadly gun. Daily Mail.

Instead of running around like a bunch of little girls wailing hysterically about terrible and shocking guns, perhaps you should allow society to point an M-16 back at him, when this sort of thing happens. Until then, you’ll have to keep churning out mountains of laws preventing gun ownership and gun crime, while the crims run around with AKs and whatever else they want to, with impunity.

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