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Britain: "CRE says nation is fractured
Three decades of multi-culturalism have left Britain an unequal and segregated nation that is in danger of breaking up, race watchdogs say in a report published today.
The Commission for Racial Equality fears the country is ''fracturing" and extremism is being fostered by the retreat of different groups behind their own ethnic walls.

The bleak analysis is contained in the final report of the CRE before it is absorbed into the new Equality and Human Rights Commission at the end of this month."
How long before some lefty multi-culti bureaucrat suggests that this is the fault of white Britons and if only they'd be more tolerant etc etc etc.?
I give it three days, max.
Extremism is being fostered by an extremist ideology--and the government's inability to deal with it. It's that effing simple!

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