Stunning leftist arrogance

CONFIDENT Labor MPs have begun carving up the spoils of office, even before John Howard has fired the election starter’s gun. Supporters of Kevin Rudd are being talked up for two of the Parliament’s most prestigious and highly paid jobs - Speaker of the House of Representatives and Senate President. Roger Price, a right-wing backer of Mr Rudd from western Sydney, has emerged as a potential Speaker of the House of Representatives. And Gavin Marshall - a left-wing senator from Victoria - is being promoted by others to become President of the Senate. The two Labor figures stand to earn salaries of $170,000-plus - and the status of holding two of the most influential jobs in Parliament.

Take note voters, you haven’t even gotten wind of the election and they’re already rubbing their paws together. Yes, they’ve just assumed that you can be pushed and cajoled into voting for them, they’re obviously of the impression that you lot will just fall into line or else. Good grief, if this is how they behave before the election has even been called, imagine the utter contempt they’ll be treating you with IF they win.

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