Consumed with an anti-American agenda - Part 3 by KMan

A letter to the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

British Army General Sir Richard Dannatt gave warning of the dangers posed by a “strident Islamist shadow. The threats and challenges to our society are … global and have sympathisers in many societies and countries, including at home.” Such threats could not be resolved by military means alone but required a “battle of hearts and minds”. I submit that the “Battle for hearts and minds” in Australia is being subverted by our media, and in particular our two national broadcasters - the ABC and SBS.

This is a letter to protest the relentless ongoing systematic vilification of the US government and the American people by our publicly funded broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, where off the wall conspiracy theories about 9/11 are broadcast repeatedly. And then there is the parade of flaming Stalinist writers such as John Pilger and Terry Lane, interviewed by fawning ABC presenters, like obsessed America hater Phillip Adams, while they either OK’d the killing or defeat of Australian and coalition soldiers in Iraq, because of the supposedly “Illegal war ( for oil) targeting Muslims.

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