Why Voting ALP Will Hurt

“. . .The Government stepped up its attack on Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd yesterday, accusing him of being a phony and of wanting to run a "government-by-committee".

During Question Time the Government ran out part of a list of the 96 reviews the Labor Party had so far proposed to implement should it win power.

Mr Rudd. . .pledged to establish 67 new bureaucracies and agencies. . .”

Sixty-seven? Are they joking? And that was only part of the list.

That interest rates will go up is guaranteed – the Reserve will have no choice. And they’ll probably end up increasing the GST to help pay for all this bright, spanking new ‘government’, too (as though we don’t have more than enough already).

We can’t afford this lunacy. Couple that with all the other nutso BS coming out of Krudd’s team (such as signing away our national sovereignty to every crackers accord, treaty, protocol and charter the gibbering leftards at the UN can dream up), and this is mounting to a great steaming hot cup of ‘We’re screwed’ if this lot actually get their hands on the controls.

Time to wake up. Unfortunately, the ALP hasn’t suddenly turned sensible.

It’s just hiding behind Kevin, hoping we won’t notice the bubbling ‘hate-us’ insanity that’s still there, and has been all along. . .

Check out the list.

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