Still Obsessed

Back in November 2006, I posted about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his obsession with George Bush, back then I inferred that he had some sort of crush on Dubya but was angry for being rejected or something. The way he was carrying on at every opportunity about George Bush, he was like some irrational woman throwing her two-timing lovers clothes onto the street. Well it's 2007 and he ain't changed much.
President Hugo Chavez wants Venezuelan clocks turned back half an hour and he wants it done in record time -- next Monday. "I don't care if they call me crazy, the new time will go ahead, let them call me whatever they want," Chavez said on his weekly TV show. "I'm not to blame. I received a recommendation and said I liked the idea." The shift will allow children to wake up for school in daylight instead of before sunrise, Chavez said.

In his live show, he called on his brother, the education minister, so that the two men could explain the measure. But they mistakenly told Venezuelans to move their clocks forward at midnight on Sunday, when the policy is to move them back. Chavez dismissed criticism that moving the time only a half hour was quirky, questioning why the world had to follow a scheme of hourly divisions that he said was dictated by the 'imperial United States'. China Daily.
See, there he goes again, ok Chavez, change the effing clocks, ban time for all we care. I mean what is the problem son, what is itching so much; why is everything a stab at the 'imperial United States'? Aren't you happy lording over your socialist paradise, craving more attention are you? What a freaking loser!!

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