Throwing rocks at cars

I don’t get this, what motivates these vermin to throw a rock at a passing car, you can’t get any money from them, you’re not getting square with anyone, could be a baby, a grandmother, anyone. It’s just like walking up to anyone on the street and swinging a baseball bat at their head. You can even hurt or kill someone you know, one of your own even, it’s completely senseless.
Two beer bottles found at the scene of a rock throwing attack at Allambie Heights, in Sydney, will be forensically examined. Police have also revealed the 17-year-old victim was conscious after the incident, and his friends didn’t think his injury was too serious. But a CAT-scan later revealed bleeding on the brain, which required surgery.

New South Wales Shadow Police Minister Mike Gallagher says it’s clear threats of punishment are not enough to deter offenders. “I think what we’ve got to do is think outside the square and start to look at using our schools and other resources that are available to us,” he said. “PCYCs and other organisations like that [can be used] to start to educate some of our young people about what the serious consequences can be from a very simple, yet stupid, act.” LiveNews.
Hello Mike Gallagher, every good parent on the planet knows, the threat of punishment is not enough, when a child misbehaves, you can stand there and give a 4-hour speech about the consequences, the high tide, the full moon, the price of plastic spines in Vietnam etc. It won’t mean a damn, unless you punish them appropriately, when you catch one of these bastards, throw him off the bridge and that’ll smarten a few of them up. You won’t need all this ‘education’, hand-holding and kumbaya sessions. In my teen years we never thought of throwing a rock at a car, no one came to school and told us not to throw rocks at cars, we didn’t need scans of bleeding brains and broken lives to figure it out.

Update - It's not exactly how they said it was

Just listening to the morning news and apparently the incident didn't happen at the spot where they said it did. It gets more interesting, when the rock/stone was thrown, apparently the teenagers in the car were chucking eggs are people. In summary, they were driving around yahooing around and throwing eggs at people to have a bit of fun (these days fun is only fun at someone else's expense you know) and while they were having the time of their lives, eggs flying out the car and all that, a stone came flying back. Perhaps they shouldn't be throwing eggs out the car windows in future.

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