France cracking down on illegals

As France races to deport 25,000 illegal aliens by the end of the year — a quota set by President Nicolas Sarkozy — tensions are mounting and the crackdown is taking a toll. Critics say the hunt threatens values in a nation that prides itself on being a cradle of human rights and a land of asylum. Protesters have gathered by the dozens in Paris to protect illegal aliens as police move in.

But with three months left in the year, police have caught at least 11,800 illegal aliens, less than half the target, so Mr. Sarkozy has ordered officials to pick up the pace. There are no solid estimates of the number of illegal aliens in France. The Immigration Ministry puts it at 200,000 to 400,000, many from former French colonies in Africa. France has a population of about 63 million. The president, who cultivated a tough-on-crime image while serving as interior minister, says France needs a new kind of immigrant — one who is "selected, not endured." Washington Times.

If this had been America doing this, the leftists would have been tearing their clothes off (OK bad example) and their hair out, heck some of them would be committing mass suicide in protest. The UN would be screaming and and condemning America more than usual, though Israel might welcome these developments. We would probably have world wide protests and the internet might even coming crashing down due to all the online petitions being started.

We'd be treated to hours and hours of that Geraldo fellow in the states bawling hysterically and completely inconsolable on Oprah's couch, while rabid leftists hurl red paint and other hygienically questionable items at wherever Michelle Malkin or Bill O'Reilly may or may not be. They may even require double the number of security personnel (Conservative men and women) to protect them from always peaceful, but 'emotional' liberals.

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