Consumed with an anti-American agenda - Part 4 by KMan

Leftist brainwashing of young minds.

The damage and danger that these leftists do to their own people can be seen from the following which is posted on a UK Yahoo blog by a British Muslim girl….

“Yes, I hate your country. (USA) Of course. I must. Didn’t your people hate the Nazi Germany? My imams always tell us about the horrific abuses by the United States and its military men - who are taught to rape virtuous Arab women and girls and humiliate good Muslim men. Living in the UK has also taught me that many people here hate the USA too. The BBC has taught me how the USA military and politicians are under the control of Crusaders and a Zionist lobby. ” “I’ve never been to USA and I would never want to. I would probably be attacked by racist Islamophobes who would throw me in Guantanamo Bay prison. The only answer for USA is to heed the call of the beautiful words of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The UK and Europe are inching closer towards becoming Islamic states and that’s a good thing because that means the world will be a more peaceful place. The world will not become totally at peace until the United States is flying the Islamic flag and rejects a secular government that believes in creating wars. For all those who say that they hate Bush but like the USA - remember that Democrats like war too and that Bill Clinton tried to kill Muslims too. All Americans are bloodthirsty savages. Allah considers their military to be a scourge.”

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