As I suspected, UN - Weak & Cowardly

When I heard Ahmadinejad tell the world, that the nuclear issue was now 'closed', I didn't bother posting on it or saying anything, because what's the point, we are weak and won't do anything. What he said was as bad as saying "GET STUFFED" to the whole world and I knew we'd let him get away with it, so why bother making a fool of ourselves.
September 26, 2007 - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday denounced the U.N. Security Council as tarnished and undermined by U.S. and Western interference, and declared that "the nuclear issue is now closed" in his second major New York speech this week. Washington Times.
September 28, 2007 - In a setback for the United States, Iran won a two-month reprieve from new U.N. sanctions over its nuclear program on Friday. The Bush administration and its European allies ceded to Russian and Chinese demands to give Tehran more time to address international concerns.FOXNews.
As I suspected, the United Nations, completely and utterly useless, weak and cowardly, just the way leftists like it, is it any wonder they are always angling for everyone to submit to the rule of this weak, useless and cowardly organization? What they should have done, is tell Russia and China, if these SOBs don't come clean in 2 months, then we'll impose sanctions on them and also on you.

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