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Last week there was a story about the Australian Navy using a certain amount of taxpayer’s money to give a woman breast implants. This morning on radio 2GB, I heard Alan Jones reading letters to the newspapers and here is one of them on this subject, sorry I didn’t catch the whole thing –
Something to the effect that the writer is concerned about this practice, “but given the nature of it, this type of policy is bound to attract its fair share of knockers.*”

A caller to the open-line, talking about the young voters in Australia, ignorant of interest rates under the Labor opposition in the old days and wanting change for the sake of it, he described them as, “..bellyaching like a bunch of used lawnmowers!”

Our American readers might be familiar with this. From Michael J. Totten's Anbar Awakens Part I: The Battle of Ramadi.
One Marine tried to get an Iraqi Army soldier to take sides. “Which do you think is better?” he said to the Iraqi soldier. “Army or Marines?” “The Navy is best,” said the Iraqi.

*A term we Aussies sometimes use, apart from the usual you know, to describe people who are quick to criticize or usually react negatively to anything new.

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