Yes, it’s come to this.

"This is what free speech, civil society, and the rule of law have come to in Belgium. A well-dressed man, part of a gathering of people assembled to make a peaceful protest, has been roughed up by the police, grabbed by the testicles, and wrestled to the ground. He is about to be arrested, handcuffed, and forced onto a police bus.

Why? What could be the reason for this?

He came to Schuman Square in Brussels to object to the disappearance of his own country, to the submergence of his own people by a tide of Muslims from the Third World. No one asked the people of Flanders if they wanted hundreds of thousands of unassimilable foreigners to come and live in their midst; it was simply done to them. It was — and is — the official policy of the Belgian government and the European Union to import more immigrants from the Islamic world, and to allow them to retain their native cultural practices, no matter how barbaric. All in the name of Multiculturalism!

For this reason Frank Vanhecke, the party leader of Vlaams Belang, was beaten up by the police and spent the night in jail, as if he were pickpocket or a vandal or a street brawler."
Gates of Vienna
This is what will happen to you in the Socialist Paradise of the EU if you dare to object to the islamization of your country.
And make no mistake--the leftist governments everywhere in the West are equally capable of such outrages against free speech.
"Our" lefties will bleat and whine that this isn't representative of their particular "brand" of leftism, to which I can only say--BULLSHIT!
You're all the same animals under the skin, as millions of dead and millions of imprisoned people demonstrate. Like "moderate muslims", you lot are the enablers of this kind of thing and complicit in it.
Update: for a good look at what's behind the left and their muslim allies, take a look at this:

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