Iraq - Some will come home

It’s good news, because ultimately this is what everyone wants, contrary to what leftie morons keep braying, they are not in Iraq to pillage and plunder, the security situation is improving so some of the troops will be going home. If General Petraeus is happy enough to send them home, that's good enough for me.
5,700 American soldiers will be home by the end of the year and a further 20,000 will be withdrawn from Iraq by mid-2008. US president George W Bush declaring the situation in Iraq is improving. “We have now reached the point where we can maintain our security gains with fewer American forces,” he said. Source.
My fear was Congress, I know George Bush will listen to his General, but the other lot in Congress? Well, looks like some of them have been taking some calcium supplements, to strengthen the spinal region, bone density, that sort of thing.
Senate Republicans, bolstered by Army Gen. David H. Petraeus' war report this week, are closing ranks and say Democrats will continue to fall far shy of the votes needed to force a pullout from Iraq. Republicans facing intense antiwar pressure in home states, such as Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, and the party's war critics, including Sens. Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, say the general's congressional testimony helped persuade them not to switch their votes.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who failed repeatedly to muster enough votes to compel the president to accept a pullout plan, yesterday said he will try again next week with measures to force significantly larger troop reductions. "I call on Senate Republicans not to walk lockstep with the president as they have done for years," the Nevada Democrat said. "It is time to come over and join us." Source.
Yeah, yeah whatever, Reid and Pelosi never cared for the surge, the invasion or winning the war, all they've ever wanted was a defeated and humiliated America. You can meet all the benchmarks, drag out the graphs and pie charts, it won't matter a damn to them, treacherous vermin. Petraeus and his troops are getting the job done, don't screw them over now, just let them get on with it.

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