Woohoo - Diggers kick Taliban backside

AUSTRALIAN soldiers in Afghanistan have seen their heaviest fighting yet, holding off an attack from about 50 Taliban extremists. The four-hour firefight happened about eight kilometres north of Tarin Kowt in the Oruzgan province some time in the past week, defence said. From the cover of an orchard, the Taliban fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons at Australian soldiers helping to construct an Afghan police outpost. Defence said the Taliban suffered heavy casualties in the attack, but would not release details.

More at The Australian, Pictures at Dept. of Defence. Please give us more pictures and video of our troops DOD, I certainly would love to spread the word, our Aussie Diggers are among the best and are our heroes. Would also love to promote our SAS, but I know they prefer to do their thing in the shadows, and know it well, they are out there in Afghanistan going toe-to-toe with and leaving bootprints on the asses of the hardest sons of bitches in the Taliban.

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