the madness that is N.Z. today:

Apparently, he should have waited for the scum to do what they so often do--kill him or cripple him.
"Plea for 'medal, not prison' over stabbing
A Christchurch chef should be given a medal instead of a prison term for stabbing one of a group of drunken street gang youths attacking him on a bus, says the Sensible Sentencing Trust.
The mother of Shyan Ricky Hill was "livid" at the two-year sentence given to her son yesterday after he admitted a charge of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
.......The street gang, known as the Aranui Town Maori, apparently affiliates itself to an American gang (the Cripps) that wears blue colours. The rival Bloods wear red.

Defence counsel Pip Hall said Hill had "just lost it" after he was punched in the mouth as the group of drunken youths left the bus, and he was then challenged again.

Hall said the "teenage thugs looking for trouble" had hammers, spanners, a flick-knife and metal bars, although none was used when they taunted and assaulted Hill.

The whole sorry story's over at Crusader Rabbit

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