Socialised Medicine - Follow Up

As a follow up to my post the other day Take note America, I heard a caller to talk-back radio this morning, he was taking the Nurses to task over this. His point was that the nurses association and their members should not be blaming the government for the fiasco that happened this week at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital, he had a very valid point, read on.
Wards at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital are illegally understaffed, says NSW's peak nursing body. The NSW Nurses' Association blamed inadequate staffing levels and a lack of resources for Tuesday's miscarriage by a woman in a toilet at the hospital's emergency department. "At North Shore Hospital we've got some shifts on the wards there run without registered nurses, now that's illegal," association assistant general secretary Judith Kiejda told ABC Radio today. "There are not enough nursing resources and the nurses that are there are at the end of their tether and they're walking away." SMH.
His point was that at the last state election the nurses association backed the Labor government, health is a state responsibility in Australia, resources and funding are the responsibility of the state governments, if they are serious about doing something to address the shortages then they need to stop supporting Labor at every damn election. It'll be 16 years of Labor in NSW pretty soon and the health-care crisis didn't start last week. In addition they need to stop telling lies to the public.
Its an exciting time for nurses, so make it count and 'Vote to Save Nurses' this federal election. It is exciting times for the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) as we launch a powerful four week TV and radio advertising campaign outlining the negative impact of the Howard government's industrial relations laws on nurses. The ads will be shown in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ACT, South Australia and the Northern Territory. NSW Nurses Association.
They have ads running on TV saying John Howard's IR laws are negatively affecting the Nurses, but it's incorrect, nurses in state hospitals are paid by the states, which is out of the Howard government's area. So if they want our support, then, to paraphrase that caller, they need to stop crying foul with the sheep and running with the wolves.

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