Global Moroning

Anyone catch the ABC tonight? Lateline? Tony Jones? Anyone catch the horror of the firestorms? The worst bushfires ever, ever, ever – ever have been, ever will be – for ever and ever?

Not one mention, of course, of the utter neglect from virtually all the ALP State Governments, and their utter failure at forest management, given their refusal to allow controlled burning to reduce fuel loads ‘cos dey r green and it hurt da nviroanmint’.

Nope – no way. It’s all down to climate change (according to your ABC). After all, why point the finger at a bunch of knee-jerk leftist fools, especially when ‘climate change’ provides a bunch of incompetent, fanatical dickheads with such a fabulous excuse for being – well – precisely what they are.

And people are thinking of voting these cretins in at a Federal level?

God help us.

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