Talk about soft justice

A 39-YEAR-OLD teacher who indecently assaulted a 14-year-old student has been sentenced to two years' prison. Judge Lance Pilgrim said Robertson had a one-year contract teaching maths and science at a high school in Melbourne's outer east in 2000 when he befriended the girl. The girl was facing "enormous personal difficulties" including being bullied at school and not being provided with adequate food and clothing at home, he said. During the trial, the girl told the court they were sitting on a log when Robertson "pulled me onto his knee and tried to kiss me and I freaked out.

"He put his hand up my polo shirt and rubbed his hands on my belly and commented on how little I was." Judge Pilgrim said in another incident, Robertson took the girl on a picnic during the school holidays and put his hand down her pants. The girl told the court she was uncomfortable but did not stop Robertson from touching her "because I wanted him to like me". Robertson wrote the girl two love letters, which he told her to destroy, expressing his desire to spend time and be naked with her. Robertson will serve a minimum of four months before being eligible for parole. The Age. Referred to me by regular commenter Nilk.

Oh they say sentenced to two years, but these rock spiders are protected and watched over in prison, he'll be out in 4 months, a year tops.

Update - Swift Justice!!

An Australian man will face the firing squad in Vietnam after being sentenced to death for drug trafficking. 40-year-old Tony Manh was arrested at Ho Chi Minh airport in March after trying to board a flight to Sydney with almost one kilogram of heroin hidden on his body. Manh’s trial lasted just one day. He’s been convicted, fined $3,000 and sentenced to death. Two other Australians will face court in Vietnam on heroin trafficking charges later this week. LIVENEWS.

You (or maybe it's just me) can’t help but feel a tiny bit sorry for the fellow, trial that lasted one day, I don’t even know if he can get an appeal and before we know it, there will be a lot of bullets heading his way. But ultimately, this fellow was taking part in the trafficking of death, we can all hold hands and shed tears for him over this, but what about all the victims of drugs? I know it’s their choice, no one is forcing them to take heroin, but bringing in more illegal drugs into the country certainly isn’t going to help. Also, all of this can be avoided if he didn’t do any of this, this is how these countries deal with people like him. It’s nothing new, the greedy and the criminals are just not listening, to their peril.

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