Consumed with an anti-American agenda - Final Part by KMan

It’s all about Oil.

The lie perpetrated by the left and given daily support by our leftist media is that the invasion of Iraq was for the US to access Iraqi oil. The Australian Defence Minister recently listed the security of the world’s oil supply as ONE of the major reasons for Australia’s continuing military presence in Iraq - NOT the reason for invasion. Those who sneer, “It’s all about oil” need to understand one thing. If troops are withdrawn from Iraq it will leave a vacuum where terrorists instead of being engaged in an all out battle with coalition forces, will be free to attack weak Middle East governments and close the oil fields in the region and block the Straights of Homuz. The world’s stock markets will crash and leftists, along with everyone else, will not just have no fuel for their cars, but they could very well lose their job, house, and possibly even their marriage, so critics need to think twice before venting their venom against British, Australian and American involvement in Iraq.

The US with it’s own oil fields and reserves is not dependent on Mid East oil, instead most imported oil comes from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria. The US knows though that rest of the world’s economy is based on the un-interrupted supply of Mid East oil and the need to stabilize the whole region, which in turn will keep the oil to the world flowing and the world economy on track.

The war in Iraq will ultimately cost the US around a trillion dollars.

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