Police State - Hope you're sitting down

Officials from the top of Government to lowly council officers will be given unprecedented powers to access details of every phone call in Britain under laws coming into force tomorrow. The new rules compel phone companies to retain information, however private, about all landline and mobile calls, and make them available to some 795 public bodies and quangos. The move, enacted by the personal decree of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, will give police and security services a right they have long demanded: to delve at will into the phone records of British citizens and businesses.

But the same powers will also be handed to the tax authorities, 475 local councils, and a host of other organisations, including the Food Standards Agency, the Department of Health, the Immigration Service, the Gaming Board and the Charity Commission. Records will detail precisely what calls are made, their time and duration, and the name and address of the registered user of the phone. The files will even reveal where people are when they made mobile phone calls. By 2009 the Government plans to extend the rules to cover internet use: the websites we have visited, the people we have emailed and phone calls made over the net. Daily Mail.

Just the other day they put in laws to ban the lightbulb for those new expensive ones, they already punish you for having a car, soon they'll come for your toilet folks. You're going to have to ditch the phone and the internet now folks, thanks to the leftists in charge, there go your civil liberties and any right to privacy. You might want to look into old fashion methods like dead-drops and carrier pigeons. It's shameful how leftists insist Conservatives want to muzzle their free speech and civil liberties, yet here they are doing the same thing.

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