Coming soon to a street near you England

Riot police are patrolling French ports to combat the increasing violence caused by illegal immigrants bound for Britain. The authorities in Calais, Cherbourg and Dunkirk have complained they are increasingly powerless to cope with the growing numbers congregating in makeshift camps. Bernard Cazeneuve, Calais's mayor, said these camps "generate violence" and "create a situation which we are not able to control". Daily Mail.

So what's your dear leader doing about preventing it?

Gordon Brown was on the defensive over inheritance tax last night after campaigners accused him of launching a "crackdown" on families who try to avoid death duties. New guidelines issued by the taxman reveal he will be paying "particularly close attention" to those who use the sevenyear rule to try to reduce inheritance tax. Downing Street denied that the Government was trying to squeeze more money out of the tax by scrutinising how bereaved families have organised their financial affairs. Daily Mail.

Yes, trying to screw you over even after you've moved on from his socialist paradise. Well that's leftists for you, try to kill you before you're born, then stuff your brain with BS if you live until you manage to find a job, then tax you till you die, then tax whatever you managed keep for yourself after that. They'll never stop punishing you for daring to make a buck.

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